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corporate imprint

Corporate Imprint

Published by:
Boehm GmbH
Isestrasse 7 · D-20144 Hamburg (Germany)
Phone: +49 40 / 42028-89
Fax: +49 40 / 42028-77
Manageing Director:
René Boehm

Head Office: Hamburg (Germany)
Trade register: Amtsgericht Hamburg, HR B 20952
"Genehmigung § 34 c GewO erteilt durch das Wirtschafts- und Ordnungsamt Hamburg, Hallerstrasse 1, 20144 Hamburg, Deutschland"
Tax ID: DE118533977
Conception und Realisation:
mastered by Jasmin Désirée Boehm
Phone: (+49) (0) 177/ 9686-443
Corporate Design: Jasmin Désirée Boehm
Graphic: Jasmin Désirée Boehm


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Protection of personal data

The Boehm GmbH make every effort to observe the European Union 'Directive on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data' worldwide and therefore also expect all those to whom such personal data are disclosed to observe this directive. In this way Boehm GmbH protects personal data.

Under the main principles of the directive, personal data must be processed confidentially, lawfully and fairly; the personal data must be secured, accurate and up to date.

This means that in general each time we compile personal data we will first inform you of the purpose to which the data are to be put and request your approval. We may only use your data for the purposes you have approved. Moreover we must inform you whenever we disclose your data to third parties.

You are entitled at all times to demand that we do not contact you via direct marketing. Furthermore the directive entitles you to request the data we have in writing and to correct them if necessary.

It is Boehm GmbH policy that no personal data relating to customers and users are disclosed to third parties outside the Boehm GmbH.